Dani Rovira raises a reflection on celibacy and the couple and there are those who think he claims polyamory

Dani Rovira raises a reflection on celibacy and the couple and there are those who think he claims polyamory

Since Daniel Rovira broken up with clear lakeWe did not meet any other couple. You seem to enjoy being single, don’t you? The fact is that it reverses the situation. Neither single, nor in a relationship… what do you think of this reflection?“, he wondered about the speech of a man on the subject.

“Sometimes people ask me if I’m single, but in my head, humans don’t come in pairs. Single implies a search. Single implies a couple. A pair. The idealization of the other. Me no. One day I decided that the other didn’t have to be a specific person who came across a list. The other could be the other. All. Seven billion people. They are all my mirror. Everyone has something to bring me,” he says. Diego Dreyfus.

Dreyfus is a Mexican actor who in 2017 began to gain relevance when he became the life coach of the football player Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez.

“And we will see from my awakening and my consciousness, how I correspond or connect or connect with these others, with the others. With how much But I’m not looking for couples and I’m not single. I am human. I’m free. But I am as free as possible in this human experience. And be, one of the things that I had to break with the idea of ​​pairs, couples, marriage, monogamies, possessions. I’m not single, I’m human“, ended the reflection.


And of course, such a universal subject gives rise to many debates. There are those who think the couple is demonized. other than they believe what he is actually claiming is polyamory Is it trendy lately? Ana Rosa Quintana He talked about it on his show. There are also those who support this freedom.

  • Talk about polyamory without saying you’re talking about polyamory.
  • That being celibate or celibate got a lot of bad press, and actually having fun!
  • I don’t understand why they associate having a partner with losing freedom???
  • But being single doesn’t mean you’re not human…
  • I continue with the idea of ​​the species, we are two, we procreate in pairs. Neither by 3 nor by 4.
  • I am married to the animals and the planet, and to myself. I don’t have this need to be believed, to be with someone or to be a better half.
  • Whether nothing happens alone or with a partner, you just need to be happy with your situation and your decisions.
  • You must first learn to live happily and alone. And if you ever meet someone on a life path, then you like that person

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