Cubans who received the I-220B document after crossing the border are now granted parole that keeps them awaiting possible deportation.

“They want to deport us to the Cuban regime when we all came fleeing,” said Osvel Pérez, who owns an I-220B.

The fear they feel has been greater since April 24, when some 123 Cubans were deported to the island, on a first flight about which little was known until it left the airport. Miami International.

Ariel Sáez, another of the Cubans on I-220B, assures us that his concern is so great that “you don’t live…you don’t sleep…you don’t eat…there is no life”. .. we have no life.”

Immigration lawyer Miguel Inda Romero said it was “fear”, he said when questioning “who is going to fill the planes, which they said would be two a month”. The Cubans detained are very few in number.”

This Tuesday, Francy Pérez attended his appointment with ICE and, surprisingly, he was arrested and transported to the Broward County Migrant Center.

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