Cuban gang arrested for scams of thousands of dollars at Home Depot stores

Cuban gang arrested for scams of thousands of dollars at Home Depot stores

A group of Cubans were arrested by Florida police for committing fraud with Home Depot products, now several of them face charges of grand theft.

According to the local media America TeVé, Those arrested were identified as Lázaro Santiago Acosta, 41, who is being accused of organized fraud, Maike Acosta de Armas and Onassis Díaz, both 44 years old.

The defendants carried out a system of scams in several stores of the Home Depot chain, which was discovered by the authorities of Florida after an investigation.

The Cubans carried out a series of online orders and went to the stores with false documentation that allowed them to leave the place with the merchandise without having to pay.

According to the aforementioned media, this system could have caused losses of thousands of dollars to the chain of stores.

The local media did not specify how long they had been carrying out these frauds, or if they will be entitled to bail.

Similar cases

In January, the case of 6 Cubans who were arrested after it was discovered that they carried out million-dollar scams through the theft of credit cards from customers at various gas stations in the state.

The detainees, who received sentences of up to 10 years, used to install devices that stole the numbering and PIN code of the credit or debit cards used in the gasoline pumps, with which they then went to the tellers to withdraw the cash from the accounts of its victims.

The gang leader was identified as Yasmani Granja Quijada and was sentenced to 120 months in prison after it was found that he had 10,000 credit and debit card numbers stolen in recent years.

Prosecutors estimate that the robberies carried out over the years by the gang are valued at about $ 5 million.

Several expensive vehicles and luxury items that were purchased with the victims’ money were seized from the suspects.

According to the police, several members of the gang may have fled the country with the rest of the money.

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