Counter-Strike 2 Beta: all information and date

Counter-Strike 2 Beta: all information and date

We tell you all the info on the limited test and possible future betas of the update after CS:GO

Today was a very important day for the fans not only of CS: Come on, but of the whole franchise and, in general, of the FPS genre. Finally and after several strong rumors over the last weeks and months, Counter-Strike 2 has been announced.

If you are interested in knowing how the announcement went, as well as the main changes and improvements that this “sequel” to the saga will have, I invite you to see the post that I myself wrote about announcement below:

What we know for now when we can play it is that Counter-Strike 2 will be released in the summer of 2023, at a specific date yet to be determined, so most players for now will have to be content to continue playing on CS: GO.

However, Is there any information about a beta release? Well yes and no. You will now understand the reason for my answer, but it turns out that There are several players who will be able to play Counter-Strike 2 starting today.

All information about the Counter-Strike 2 limited test

The fact is, as they revealed in Counter-Strike 2 Official Site, hay a limited test, which never ceases to be a beta, of the current game:

  • This limited test it’s closed, and only some players will be able to play by invitation
  • This is start today
  • And this serves to test some of the things in the form of improvements and novelties that this title includes
  • Valve has invited players based on their recent CS:GO hours played, hours played on official CS:GO servers Valve and also, that they have a good level of respect on the platform Valve

Will there be an open beta for Counter-Strike 2?

Now that it’s just been announced, It is not known if there will be an open beta of this game. I believe that finally there will be one weeks or months before the release of Counter-Strike 2, So, considering that the game will be released this summer, we could see a beta between May and July. To be like this we will inform you immediately.

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