Coney Island always seems to be ignored

Coney Island always seems to be ignored

Our public housing is in a constant state of crisis, with our neighbors often without heat and hot water, waiting months and months for gas to cook their meals. As local elected officials do their best to advocate for resiliency efforts, we wonder if we are better prepared than before for another storm like Hurricane Sandy.

The much-needed drug rehabs and shelters they fight for seem to always appear disproportionately in our neighborhood with little or no involvement from local residents.

We have been praying for economic opportunities, especially for our children, that provide quality jobs. Real jobs that help us stay in our neighborhood and support our families. Time and time again, we see an emphasis only on summer tourist activity that comes and goes and brings traffic and headaches instead of opportunity and stability.

Casinos are coming to New York City. That is already decided. And with these projects come thousands of full-time, well-paying jobs that lead to careers and real investment in righting what’s been wrong in our community. We must not miss what this can do to transform our community.

Coney Island is a logical place to house a single casino within a larger entertainment district. We have a history of being “America’s Playground,” especially during the summer months. Now, with the right proposal, we can secure year-round visitors that bring jobs and investment directly to our community.

I am tired of being ignored and I will not let this opportunity pass without defending my family and my neighbors.

We all need to make sure we are at the table early and not let this opportunity pass us by. We must ensure that our voices are heard, our concerns are addressed, and we achieve a project that Coney Island can be proud of for decades to come.

Julia Daniely is the president of the Carey Gardens Tenants Association and was born and raised in Coney Island, where she raised her four children.

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