In case of Joaquin Nahuel, the 10-year-old boy who became known for making cakes to pay for the operation he needs, shocked everyone. Is that, despite her good intentions, her mother decided to close her account Twitter, which had more than 220 thousand followers, given the amount of attacks that the minor received.

“I’m Joaco’s mom! Apologize, but you will no longer have Twitter. They told him a disabled pastry chef, that his arm is not the only thing deformed. I understand that Twitter is like that, but he is a baby and this is making him sick. It started with questions and that’s why I started reviewing, “he explained Rachel Escobar, mother of the young entrepreneur. In her message, which can no longer be read because the profile appears as private, the woman specified that her son “was told that his cakes burned like him and began to ask if he is disabled” or if the cakes he prepares ” they are ugly ”, among other things.

In this context, there were several television programs that dealt with the subject. One of them was Controversy at the bar, where the role of social networks and the problem of cyberbullying were analyzed. There, a strong debate arose and Chiche Gelblung ended up launching a strong outburst against Alfredo Homemade, who had insulted the boy for participating in a program of C5N with which the actor does not identify politically. It should be noted that the comedian later ended up making a public apology.

Chiche Gelblung, outraged with Alfredo Casero for criticizing Joaquín Nahuel

“We are sick. The day that they regulate social networks, that they send a document letter, that costs you money, this ends, “he commented saying Marcela tauro. To which Chiche replied: “They are regulated, there is crime.” “There is not so much …”, said the journalist. “Cyberbullying is proven in the United States, when they made the presentation to Mark Zuckerberg, los likes de Instagram They hurt boys and girls, it’s not a joke, ”he intervened Mariano Iúdica.

“We are in a society that is obviously adapting to everything …” Gelblung continued. “What adapting? They are sick sons of f … “, fired the driver, indignant. At that moment, Casero’s controversial tweet appeared on the screen, stating: “Go shit”, about a C5N news story in which Joaquín appeared. “Tell me why it says: ´Andá a cagar´”, expressed Iúdica. “Because people are bad, you don’t understand that evil exists,” continued the 77-year-old journalist. Then Fabio Azzaro he insisted with the same question that Mariano asked.

“Let’s see, who made this ball … a genius? With all due respect to the father ”, Chiche declared, referring to Nazarene, the son of the comedian. “Still, it was very funny,” said Mariano. “One thing is the father and another thing is the son. The father is a really cool, respectable guy, and the son is not the father, ”the journalist replied. “But it was the father,” the host clarified, in relation to who had written the post. “Then the father is an asshole, what do you want me to tell you?”Gelblung concluded. “It’s been around for a week and you’ve eaten it,” Mariano snapped. “Because I do not take care of anything that has to do with the Caseros, I am not interested in what they say or what they think,” he closed bluntly.

Another of the celebrities who had been upset by the teasing of the pastry boy had been the China Suarez. “What a broken world. Horrible. These people are evil. And do not come to me with that hate and blablabla. They break everything, ”the actress began her discharge in her Instagram stories. In another story he continued, but making a proposal to his followers: “I propose that you go to his Instagram to give him a lot of love, to let him know how valuable he is, and to order him many cakes.”

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