One of the most anticipated releases since it was announced until it finally arrived last year, but with some controversy too, like Gotham Knights. while the game It received a rather mixed reception. expectations were high and more considering this is a title set in the Batman universe, but without the caped Gotham crusader.

Now obviously the game is far from bad, and in many cases they liked it very muchAnd if you don’t believe me, You can read the analysis we published on the game at the time. Therefore, this offer that I bring to you now should be of great interest to you, and more if you take into account that its reduction affects the Deluxe version of Gotham Kinghts itself, both on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition is 39.99 euros on Amazon

  • Exact, You can find Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition at a discount on Amazon, and it affects both its PS5 and Xbox Series X versions..
  • Specifically, the title Warner Bros. Games It has a 58% discount, so you can get the game and its Deluxe version for 39.99 euros.
  • this is the same discount and price you’ll find on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and its original price was 94.95 euros on Amazon.
  • what is said, don’t hesitate to get the game If you still haven’t been able to try it now.

That said, you’re facing a great opportunity to pick up one of the standout games of 2022.

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