A month ago, RTVE surprised viewers by announcing the arrival of the eleventh edition of Chef. But this time it promised to be different. Under cover of what TVE called its new “XL format”he Talent Culinary is taking place now and each week we have two programs with two eliminated.

In this case, it is a “more is more”; for a large part of the public complained about the excessive length of the programs and many have claimed that La 1 de TVE modified the broadcast schedule or, at least, shortened it.

Chef 11 changes his schedule

As if by magic, the chain seems to have broken in the change of broadcast schedule, but not for good. As RTVE reported, starting this week there will be more changes to the most famous culinary competition on TV.

From this Monday, Chef 11 will delay its broadcast time and instead of starting at 10:00 p.m., will begin at 10:35 p.m. of the night. Which therefore means that viewers will have to watch a little more all night if they want to know who the candidates eliminated at each gala are.

why is it delayed Master Chef 11?

The reason TVE decided to delay the start time of its most popular contest has nothing to do with football or an important game, as it happened on another occasion. Nor is it a one-time change, since it is foreseeable that This new schedule will be maintained until the end of this edition.

The reason that led RTVE to postpone the program a little in its schedule is to leave room for his new daily series, 4 stars; with Toni Acosta, Antonio Resines. Dafne Fernández, Raúl Prieto, Ana García and Marta Aledo, among others.

Fiction will henceforth occupy the prime time of La 1, which means that Master Chef 11 You will keep this new schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week.

This is the new series 4 stars

Last September, José Pablo López, Senior Director of General Content at RTVE, confirmed that one of his most successful nighttime series, to serve and protect, It’s over. This left TVE with a significant void that was difficult to fill, so they decided to fill that space with other fiction: 4 stars.

It’s a new series, a romantic comedy produced by Daniel Écija. Although RTVE has already launched its first episode on Sunday April 23 on La 1, La 2, Clan and RTVE Play with a special double episode, from this week onwards it switches to prime time access.

4 stars, the new La 1 de TVE series will be broadcast every week, Monday to Thursday, at 10:00 p.m..

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