New York, Sep 4 – A car chase in the New York neighborhood of the Upper East Side that went viral on social networks had the objective of stealing 20,000 dollars, according to police sources told the local press this Sunday.

In the video, which was recorded by a passer-by on Saturday, a Mercedes is seen chasing a Toyota until a black backpack is stolen, in which police told the New York Post there was $20,000.

In the images it is seen how the vehicles go in the opposite direction and after colliding they continue the chase along the sidewalk until the black Mercedes manages, through a blow, to paralyze the other vehicle.

Once the two vehicles are stopped, as can be seen in the video, a man gets out of the Mercedes and begins to hit the window of the Toyota.

“He has a gun, he has a gun,” one of the witnesses is heard shouting.

According to police, the armed assailant managed to steal $20,000 from the Toyota.

The New York Police Department told the outlet that the armed robbers abandoned their vehicle a few blocks from the incident and that there were no injuries.

The whereabouts or identity of the thieves is not yet known.

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