Camilo joins the fight against childhood cancer by designing the new Baby Pelon

Camilo joins the fight against childhood cancer by designing the new Baby Pelon

There Juegaterapia Foundation is a Spanish organization whose main mission is to help children with cancer through play. One of its initiatives to raise funds is through its Baby Peloneshairless dolls in homage to the little ones who suffer from this disease.

The Baldy Baby always wears a scarf which is usually designed by one of the Foundation’s celebrity ambassadors. On this occasion, it was the Colombian singer Camilo is tasked with embodying his identity in the new Baby Pelon.

Baby Pelon from “The Tribe”

The doll designed by Camille This is number 29 of the collection in preparation since 2014, when Juegaterapia launched this project. The singer’s design is based on love and musicconcepts that Camilo still carries as a flag under his motto “Love is my revolution”. In addition, the handkerchief includes the designs of the Camilo Tattoos which characterize it so much and references to “The tribe”, the name by which Colombian fans are known. Moreover, how could it be otherwise, on the doll’s shirt is includes a mustache representing Camilo’s maximum trademark.

Camilo’s Baby Pelon / Juegaterapia Foundation

The singer joined the family of ambassadors of the Juegaterapia Foundation accompanied by Luana, Leire and Isabel, three little girls who are currently undergoing cancer treatment and who really enjoyed their meeting with Camilo.

The purpose behind these dolls

The Baby Pelones are priced at € 14.95 and can be purchased in Spain and Portugal, in various online outlets and in physical stores associated with Juegaterapia. The money raised from these toys goes to transforming children’s hospitals with the aim of making them happier, more fun and more magical places. Thus, the foundation tries to improve the stay of children in hospitals.

Other Celebrities Who Have Their Own Baby Pelon

In addition to Camilo, many personalities have collaborated with the Juegaterapia Foundation and occasionally created their own Baby Pelon. Pablo Alboran, Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal or Sara Carbonero are some of the names that we can find in the collection of these toys.

And not only national, there are also international artists like Shakira, Laura Pausini, Ricky Martin or Richard Gere who have their baby Pelon.

These dolls are more than a toy, they are a demonstration of solidarity. Over 1.5 million Baby Pelones have already been sold, helping to fill hospitals with color in an attempt to make chemo “fly”.

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