Yesterday, a group of Brazilian fans held a vigil outside the São Paulo hospital, where former soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’ has been hospitalized since last Tuesday due to a respiratory infection.
According to the information shared by local media so far, about 75 fans participated in the event, going to the Albert Einstein Hospital summoned by the Torcida Jovem do Santos, one of the main fans of the club in which the three-time world champion was immortalized.

A giant Brazilian flag, decorated with an image of Pelé, the fans displayed signs in front of the hospital asking for his health and with the legend “long to the king”.

Given the multiplication of messages from around the world, expressing his concern, Pelé himself published a hopeful message on social networks in which he stated that he is “strong” and continues with treatment for colon cancer that he was diagnosed with in 2021.

“My friends, I want to keep you all calm and positive thinking. I am strong, with a lot of hope and I continue my treatment as always”, said the 82-year-old former soccer player.
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