Animation cinema returns to Spanish cinemas. Although we still have the premiere of “Sing with a spark of harmony” e “Kimetsu no Yaiba: direction the village of blacksmiths“, this same weekend we will have a new appointment. It is about “Thermal Blue”, whose adaptation already announced in 2021 and come hand in hand a nice soundtrack.

Today, I come to talk to you about more specific details on the Premiere of “Blue Thermal” in Spain. And we already know the cinemas of our country which will host the film. I’ll leave the list here, and below I’ll tell you a bit about the movie.

List of cinemas that premiere Blue Thermal in Spain

It is the cinemas of our country that will screen the film:

Blue thermal details

Here are some pertinent facts about the band:

  • Release date in Spain: Friday March 17.
  • Duration: 1h43.
  • Director: Masaki Tachibana.
  • LANGUAGES : Spanish, Catalan and VOSE.
  • Distributor in Spain: select view.
  • The feature film adapts manga by Kana Ozawa.

Synopsis and trailer in Spanish of Blue Thermal

Tamaki Tsuru moves to Tokyo in search of a normal college life filled with club activities and romance. But soon after entering college, he accidentally damages a boy named Sorachi’s glider and ends up working as an assistant at the aviation club to pay for the damage.

Although she is not happy with the situation, since she takes off for the first time in the glider piloted by Kuramochi, the captain of the club, she is captivated by the beauty spreading in the sky. Increasingly fascinated by the world of the sky, she soon faces her first big challenge: the competition for recruits. Can Tamaki overcome the pressure and catch the miraculous updraft of “Blue Thermal”, the wind that can make you happy?“.

And here is the information on the Premiere of “Blue Thermal” in theaters in Spain. Do you plan to see this animated film? I invite you to leave your impressions in the comments. I don’t intend to lose it.

Before concluding, I remind you that soon we will be able to enjoy “Suzume” in our rooms. I remind you that this acclaimed work is the most recent work of Makoto Shinkai.

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