Blue Lock: main characters and abilities from the anime

Blue Lock: main characters and abilities from the anime

blue lock” is one of the anime that has the most market on the industry in recent years, and yes, he made it with the “furbo” as the main attraction. This anime does not tell the story of the team and players who meet in high school and fight until they reach the national championship, as so often happens in these kinds of proposals, but there is a clear objective: take absurdly tough tests to become Japan’s newest striker.

Of course, with such great ambition, many are fighting to make it a reality. Therefore, today I want to review all the main characters of the anime “Blue Lock” as well as their main skills in the field.

isagi yoichi

  • Isagi Yoichi is the blue lock protagonistand throughout the anime, he learns a series of skills that allow him to stand up to the best players in the competition.
  • Isagi’s main ability is the one that allows him to analyze the pitch with absolute precision. Isagi possesses spectacular vision and incredible understanding of the game, which allows him to predict his opponents’ moves. This way you can trigger a series of events in favor of the desired outcome.
Isagi Yoichi showed unlimited potential as a striker
  • Two qualities of Isagi derive from his ability to analyze the game: one that allows him to “feel a goal”, which helps him design a game that can end in a goal, and also that he has an unparalleled ability to adapt on the pitchhe. This way, by analyzing everything that happens on the pitch, you can restructure your interpretation of the game over and over again until you find the right vision.
  • Isagi is also a specialist in “direct fire”.. Although he doesn’t have a powerful set or shot that allows him to score from long distances, he has the ability to shoot on first contact with the ball, generating an extremely accurate shot.
  • In the end, Isagi too assimilates the ability to move without the ball. Thanks to his reading of space, Isagi is eventually able to make moves off the ball that leave him completely unmarked, allowing him to more easily make contact with the ball and finish the game the way he wants. .

Meguru Bachira

  • Bachira is one of the main supporting characters in Blue Lockand the one who gets along with Isagi since the beginning of the anime.
  • Bachira is characterized above all by the fact of having VERY advanced dribbling skills. Bachira’s control over the ball allows him to do any dribble imaginable, making him virtually indefensible in a 1v1 situation. fully capable of generating a goal out of nothing on his own.
asa blue padlock
Bachira is a dribbling specialist
  • Bachira’s other great quality lies in their passes. Before developing his own ego forward, Bachira focused a lot on finding the “monsters” that lived in other players. By becoming someone who fed the egos of others, he ended up developing a magnificent passing technique that allows him to deliver the ball with great quality and results.

Hyoma Chigiri

  • Another of the players who quickly becomes a Blue Lock major secondary. Like Bachira, he forms a good relationship with Isagi.
  • Chigiri’s style is very easy to define: he lives above all on his speed. Chigiri is a player with well above average sprint power, which allows him to leave his opponents behind and face the goal alone.
blue lock chigiri
Chigiri is the fastest of Blue Lock’s attackers.
  • A derivative he develops from his fast style is the ability to perform checks while running and with positioning advantage. In this way, Chigiri finally manages not to lose speed when controlling the ball, which gives him fearsome speed.

Rensuke Kunigami

  • by Kunigami the last of these players who formed the most talented nucleus the one Isagi debuted with in Blue Lock, and he’s definitely a player with a run.
  • Kunigami’s main strength in front of goal is his mid-range shot. Kunigami possesses an above average physique which he uses to perfection in his shooting power, allowing him to score from considerable distances thanks to the force with which his kicks originate.
kunigami blue padlock
Kunigami knows how to use his physique very well
  • Another very remarkable point of Kunigami is, as I mentioned, his great physique. Thanks to this, it can achieve games as important as stopping defenders’ rushes and retaining the ball, such as marking other attackers who rely above all on the use of their muscles.

Shoei Baro

  • baro is a attackers that Isagi encounters firstbut it is only later that he will end up on the same team as him within the Blue Lock organization.
  • Baro’s main scoring tool is very similar to Kunigami’s: a long-medium distance shot but, in his case, being located in a precise position on the field, he has a 100% chance of scoring. That is to say that in addition to having a terribly powerful shot, it also has an accuracy worthy of a sniper.
baro blue padlock
Baro is an absolute predator of the striker
  • Another great characteristic of Baro is that he has a highly developed physique that he uses offensively. That is, unlike Kunigami, who uses his body more tactically, in Baro’s case, he simply uses his body to destroy anyone who crosses his path.
  • Baro’s most unique quality as a footballer is what makes him a a “supervillain” in the field. What does that mean? Well, he has such an ego as a striker who uses his teammates’ moves to create his own goals. In other words, if to score he has to steal the ball from a teammate and completely change the course of a game, he will do it without hesitating for a single second.

Seishiro Nagi

  • Nagi is another of the first team players who crosses paths with Isagi, and later ends up becoming one of his most relevant playmates.
  • One of Nagi’s great strengths is that she has exceptional ball control. He may not be the strongest or the fastest, but with the ball at his feet he has such a level of technique that he would barely miss a ball.
nagi blue padlock
Nagi controls the ball like angels
  • The second great strength of Nagi, very close to the first, is that which allows to execute high end ball controls. Nagi is able to catch any pass that is within reach, and not only that but very similar to Isagi’s direct shot, in her case she is able to turn a bad pass into an obvious scoring chance with a simple check.

Aoshi Tokimitsu

  • Tokimitsu is one of the best players Isagi finds in Blue Lock’s second pick. account with a personality that makes him very shy and fearful of the volatile nature of others like Baro.
  • Despite his character, the truth is that Tokimitsu has a physique with brutal power. Seeing the anime’s face-off, it’s possible to tell that it surely has even greater power than that displayed by others such as Baro and Kunigami.
aoshiki blue lock
Attacker with the most personality issues
  • Secondly, we must speak of two qualities which, together with his strength, make him a marvel: its speed and its incredible resistance. Although he doesn’t have the speed of someone like Chigiri, he is also an extremely fast player, but what makes him very dangerous is that he possesses an almost unlimited amount of energy. This way, he is able to use his physique for the duration of a match without feeling resentment.

Jubei Aryu

  • Aryu is another of the elite players that Isagi meets at the end of Blue Lock’s first season, and is characterized by an obsession with all things elegant.
  • One of Aryu’s main qualities in football is that his physique allows him to perform impressive jumps to catch balls which in most cases would be beyond the reach of almost any attacker.
aryu blue padlock
The classiest striker in all of Blue Lock
  • This first quality of Aryu is accompanied by another: his rank. Aryu is a player of great importance. and, added to the jump power, makes him someone with an unusual range to catch balls. In other words, while Nagi uses his technique to control impossible balls, Aryu has an equivalent thanks to a unique physique that he knows how to use like a charm.

Rin Itoshi

  • by Itoshi the “final boss” that Isagi encounters in the first season from the Blue Lock anime, and he certainly comes across as cold and calculating without any weaknesses in his game.
  • The first thing that strikes someone like Rin is that has perfect technique. Not only does all of his movement and execution with the ball make sense, but he also a shot of unparalleled precision and effect. He is capable of scoring from almost any distance from midfield.
modified rin itoshi blue lock
Rin Itoshi, Blue Lock’s Ultimate Striker
  • Another feature of Rin’s game is that, similar to Isagi, He has an understanding of the game and the movements of his rivals that is even scary. Rin is able to read the terrain in such a way that almost no game or situation escapes his reading. Which brings us to its strong point.
  • Itoshi’s main quality of football is what makes him a a puppet manipulator. What does that mean? so what you can move the rest of the players on the field as you wish. This way, if a game ends with a particular development, which will have been previously determined by Rin, or if his hand is forced, he can always be trusted to make the necessary adjustments so that the chance factor falls out of his reach. . control side.

And these are all the main characters and their abilities that we saw in the first season of “Blue Lock”. Obviously there are more players than I could have included, but in the end they end up playing such a secondary role or having such limited appearances that I didn’t see it as necessary. On the contrary, If with more anime of “Blue Lock” it is other players who begin to shine on the screen, do not hesitate I will add them to this list.

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