Black Eyed Peas offers ,000 to whoever can best dance their new song

Black Eyed Peas offers $50,000 to whoever can best dance their new song

Black Eyed Peas released the single “Hit it” with Saweetie and Lele Pons. As part of the promotion of this new release, the American group used their social networks to offer 50 thousand dollars to whoever dances this new song better.

“Hi all! The ‘Hit it’ Challenge officially started! And the winner will win $50,000. That’s how it is! 50 thousand dollars will go to the best dance on TikTok of ‘Hit it’, our new song”, commented the vocalist of the Black Eyed Peas from the official Instagram of the band. and the rest of the BEP team have teamed up with two female voices to create a luxurious composition with “Hit it”. Lele Pons brings the Latin ingredients, and Saweetie provides a more urban voice.

“The song bounces off a thick bass line and steady beat as the Black Eyed Peas deals with hermetic verses punctuated by their signature, clever, and quotable bars”, was noted in a Sony Music press release.

“Lele Pons heats it all up with a bilingual cameo and the command, ‘Baby, let’s go one more time’ before Saweetie practically freezes the 808s with raw, sassy rhymes of her own”, was added.


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