Singer, model, actress and businesswoman Belinda was the guest of honor with whom the anthill of Pablo Motos closed its week and, how could it be otherwise, the Spanish-Mexican woman did not bite her tongue on the set of Antena 3 and, with her characteristic good humor, to the questions posed to her by the presenter and the ants.

Belinda, who went to present her new single Eden, he even dared to talk about one of the worst episodes of his career as an artist which took place just a few weeks ago. On March 27, the singer went on stage in Mexico to offer a new concert to her fans when, in the middle of a performance, one of her followers managed to jump over the security barriers and get on stage to throw himself on her, causing him to almost fall.

The fan just seemed like he wanted to hug her, however, he crossed all the boundaries of personal freedom and the security team had to act quickly to separate him from Belinda. However, to the surprise of many, it was the artist herself who managed to push away from the fan with her left hand.

Belinda remained calm at all times and he talked with the fan until he convinced him, using a very affectionate and close tonecalm down and leave the stage. In this way, in a few seconds and with the promise that if he did it calmly the security team would not hurt him, the fan finished him and came down from the stage to continue enjoying the concert. ‘downstairs.

Belinda was shocked but knew how to handle the situation

Asked by Pablo Motos, Belinda said she was initially “shocked” when she saw a man lunge at her and grab her. “At the moment, you don’t know… You’re a bit in shock. But the love of the fans… I always felt that I had no bad intentions. I didn’t know him, but belifans are always very intense, very affectionate, but they don’t do it with bad intentions,” the artist explained.

In addition, Belinda also pointed out that, realizing that the attacker was drunk, she herself asked the security team that accompanies him to the shows to treat him with care and affection because under no circumstances would she wanted him to hurt himself.

“Sometimes you can’t control the euphoria… A lot of times you can’t control your emotions. Self-control is the hardest thing in life, controlling your emotions and controlling yourself, and I think it was out of control and I don’t know how I handled it“Added the Mexican to fix the problem.

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