Bethlehem Esteban is one of those women who arouse passions, both to criticize her and to applaud her. The fact is that she leaves no one indifferent and that means that everything she does is scrutinized and debated.

“Thanks to my friend @rosalia.vt love you @cocacola ,” she wrote alongside a photo that can send the pack of the drink she took. Rosalia with a glass specially designed for the occasion.

On more than one occasion, Belén published photographs with the singer and vice versa. The singer also came to upload some stories when the collaborator of Save me he took out his gazpacho. They have supported each other for a long time.

And it is that Belén is a great lover of music and usually goes to many concerts and events where she coincides with many artists. She usually records the good relations he has with some of them, like Pablo Alboran or Rosalie.


But not everyone understands these connections. And now, in Rosalía’s case, there is no shortage of Belén critics. Although many have called them the two queens of Spain, not everyone tolerates her referring to the singer as her friend and they made it known in the comments they left next to the photo.

  • Your friend. Hahahaha you’re not friends with anyone. If even your teammates save me, they can’t see you even in paint. They speak to you x hypocrisy. Rosalia is talking to you because of politics, not because she’s your Gazpachera friend.
  • Belen you like Happy Mociito, autograph hunt, fuck off
  • Friend of what, why are you both artists? you believed it
  • I would like to tell Rosalía what she says about you in private
  • She’s not your friend so don’t make it up
  • You: “Friend”??? I’m leaving
  • And Rosalía, who is conspicuous by her absence, should I comment being your GREAT FRIEND????

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