After almost 4 years of hearing about the project, Ballerinathe spin-off of John Wick It already has a release date. While the fourth installment of the popular action hero sweeps the box office of half the planet (it raised more than 250 million dollars in just half a month), Lions Gate He is already preparing the premiere of this new film for June 7, 2024.

Ana de Armas will be the great protagonist of this feature film. If in the third installment of John Wick she had a secondary role with barely a quarter of an hour on the screen, the studio saw the potential that her character could have in the story and will entrust her with her own work so that the Cuban-born actress Show what you are capable of in action films as you have already done in other secondary films.

Ballerina has been brewing in the studio for several years after what we could see on this tape where John Wick (Keanu Reeves) he became a ruthless hitman with the help of the Ruska Roma (a society of assassins to which Wick belonged) and training based on the discipline of ballet.

In this episode, Anjelica Huston played the manager, a Supreme Table member who helped Wick survive and, in his early days, taught him everything he knows about fighting. Now is the time to explore this character in Hero Origins.

Production is already underway by Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee and Chad Stahelski, as well as Keanu Reevesas producers. Shay Hattonfrom John Wick: Parabellum (or John Wick 3), returns as a writer while Len Wiseman He will occupy the director’s chair.

For now, the cast is the least known of this opus which will have Ana de Armas as the protagonist and Keanu Reeves playing a secondary role. The plot, the rest of the cast and how and when filming will take place are still some of the big unknowns that this production still maintains.

After a protagonist like Marilyn Monroe in BlondAna de Armas is completely changing her record for a role that may not lead to Oscar nominations as America’s popular girlfriend, but possible box office success.

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