At this point, no one doubts Bad Bunny’s power. The Puerto Rican has become one of the most important artists in the world thanks to the success of his songs. Without going any further, Benito has held the record for the most listened to singer on Spotify for three years. A real feat!

But Bad Bunny hasn’t stopped making history. In addition to being the first Latin artist to headline the famous Coachella festival, the artist starred in the first cover in the history of Time magazine in Spanish. How do you read! The interpreter of Tití me pregunta has managed to have his cover published entirely in Spanish by the most famous publication in the United States.

“The World of Bad Bunny,” reads the title. And in the subtitle, the following mentions: “I will do nothing else for you to like it”. An appointment that has a lot to do with the interview that the singer gave. And it is that Bad Bunny has dealt with all kinds of subjects: from politics (US relations with Puerto Rico) to musicals.

on his music

Bad Bunny has always treated its releases with a lot of mystery. Part of the magic of his music is that you never know where it’s going to go. Now that Bad Bunny has become one of the most well-known artists in the world, many are wondering if he plans to release any songs in English—even though it’s clear there’s no need to sing in that language anymore. to become a superstar.—. Bad Bunny is clear: “Nobody asks Drake when he’s going to do a song in Spanish. The day I want to do a song in English, I’ll do it because I want to.”

Additionally, Bad Bunny denied plans to release a song with Justin Bieber himself. A rumor that had been playing for a long time among his followers: “No, I don’t have a song with Justin Bieber. It’s not true. You’ll never know what I’m going to do. Don’t lie to yourself.” , you won’t know my next move.” .

On artists who want to be Latino

In recent years we have seen many artists who wanted to sing in Spanish, take advantage of the Latino market and try to ride the wave. Bad Bunny has nothing against these artists, but he finds it strange that “now they mention their Latin roots”: “You’ve been singing for 20 years and now you want to do a song in Spanish? You didn’t do it in your prime but now you want to do a song in Spanish because you’re not in your peak?”

The singer went on to say that now a lot of artists are turning to Latin music because it’s what works: “It’s become ‘cool’ to be Latino. They don’t just make music, they try to copy the flow of Latinos But then I think; our culture and our music have spread everywhere. Impact people in other places. They want to taste it and smell it. So why would I mind, if they do it with respect?”

On the fans invading his space

A few weeks ago, Bad Bunny made headlines for a video circulating on social media of him throwing a fan’s cellphone as he held it to his face to take a selfie. Now, thanks to Time magazine, Bad Bunny has opened up about how he feels when his followers invade his personal space:

“I will never say hello to anyone. I will never let you have your hand outstretched to greet me, ever. If you approach me like you’re going to fly, then yes, I’m going to get angry. Someone asks me I reach out my hand and they leave it there because they’re looking for the phone. Why do you want a picture with you? Why am I the statue of liberty? I’m a human, say hello. A picture doesn’t no more than a greeting. A picture is no more than an exchange of words. Would you rather meet me or take a picture with me?”

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