At least five marines killed after crashing a US military plane

At least five marines killed after crashing a US military plane

At least five people have died this Wednesday after the US Marine Corps ‘Osprey’ plane crashed in Imperial County, near the border with Arizona, in California, United States.

Five people were aboard the MV-22B Osprey when it crashed, according to a Navy official, as reported by the ABC News television channel.

At first, although for now military officials have not confirmed whether there are fatalities, a federal source who has spoken on condition of anonymity has said that there were five people on board the helicopter and that four of them would have died, as reported by ‘Los Angeles Times’. Shortly after, the death of the five people was known.

The aircraft has gone down somewhere near the Glamis Dunes, around Coachella Canal Road and Highway 78, according to reports from emergency services and Imperial County spokesman Gil Rebollar.

The Marines, Navy, and Air Force often fly versions of this aircraft to transport troops and equipment. The Osprey has a higher top speed and longer range than a helicopter, but is capable of similar hovering and landing.

“We can confirm that an aircraft belonging to the 3rd Marine Air Wing has crashed near Glamis, California. Military and civilian personnel are on the scene, ”he reported on his Facebook page, the Naval Air Facility office in El Centro.

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