For many hikesthe future of star trek was a total unknown, especially from Paramount, beyond Star Trek: Discovery y Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, I had no idea what direction the saga would take. However, little by little the machinery starts to move, and based on the most successful Star Trek series of recent times, a film has been confirmed as a spin-off centered around the most interesting character of all.

Your title will be Star Trek: Section 21 and will play Philip George, Burnham’s mentor and Empress of the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe. He plays it michelle yeowho after winning the Oscar A Best Actress For all at once everywhere he faces a new challenge.

Everything we know about Star Trek: Section 31, the new Star Trek movie

Probably the triumph of michelle yeo over the past awards season has pushed Paramount+ to confirm Star Trek: Section 31a film presumably for the platform streaming and it will expand the universe of Star Trek: Discovery:

  • In Star Trek: Section 31we will see how Philippa Georgiou joins the symbolic secret division of Starfleet.
  • He spin off left from an idea of ​​Michelle Yeoh herselfas she herself said in a press release. And development began with the premiere of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery..
Michelle Yeoh will be the real star of Star Trek: Section 31
  • First of all, we were thinking of making a series, but in the end it will be a film: “I am beyond thrilled to return to the Star Trek family and the role that I have loved so much for the past few years. Star Trek: Section 31 has been close to my heart since I began my journey as Philippa.. To finally see her is a dream come true in a year that taught me the power of never giving up on your dreams.“.

Filming for Star Trek: Section 31 will begin in 2023. The screenplay will be written by Criag Sweeny and management will be in charge of Olatunde Osunsanmi. The first one? We better sit back and wait, because I wouldn’t expect it until 2024. And if this movie is a success, Perhaps another Empress-centric Star Trek series is being considered on Paramount+?

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