Andrea Guash’s ‘Chanelazo’ Sweeps ‘Your Face Rings 10 For Me’ Premiere

Andrea Guash’s ‘Chanelazo’ Sweeps ‘Your Face Rings 10 For Me’ Premiere

Your face is familiar to me is back on the small screen this Friday, March 24 with what is already its tenth edition and how it went! All of the impersonation show contestants shone on stage, but there was one who managed to leave everyone speechless. It is Andrea Guash who ended up scoring a real “chanelazo”which made her stand out from the others, being the winner of the first gala.

It was a night of emotions, reunions, laughter, nerves and lots and lots of fun. The premiere of this third season of Your face is familiar to me is already marked for posterity by the performance by Andrea Guasch which exceeded every expectation. The young woman totally immersed herself in the role of Chanel, taking us on a direct flight to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, during the interpretation Slow motion. The young woman surprised with the same look that Chanel wore in Turin and then the show started. Pirouettes, wiggles, nice ass here, nice ass there, lifts and a lot, but a lot of rhythm.

It is true that she was not alone, since she was accompanied by the whole dance team who had already demonstrated their talent at the European music festival, which probably helped Andrea Guash to loosen her inhibitions and to execute his show perfectly.

The reactions were not long in coming and the public quickly began to applaud, which the jury ended up joining shortly after. Although it may seem obvious, everyone knows how hard it is to dance and sing at the same time and not die trying. That is why this number of the actress was awarded with the best score of the night, managing to stand out in the ranking.

That’s how Andrea Guash ended up starring in a real chanelazo and closed the first gala for Your Face Rings Me in Style.

The rest of the competitors

In addition to the brutal spectacle in which Andrea Guasch starred, Miriam Rodríguez also passed on the scene of the shooting of Tu cara me suena, stepping into the skin of Camila Cabello; Merche, with a moving tribute to Olivia Newton-John; Jadel with her amazing performance as Nathy Peluso; Alfred García set the rock point of the night when he sang Codplay; Anne Igartiburu who put herself fully in the skin of Thalía and Susi Caramelo who imitated Tefi C, Josie in Julio Iglesia and Agustín Jiménez in Chimbala.

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