The musical week continues in the anthill. This Tuesday evening, Pablo Motos received the young singer on his set Ana Menawho participated in the Antena 3 show to present his second album, Bellodrama; what she herself defined as “the enjoyment of ruin”.

Among all his songs, the malagueña highlighted his theme Slowly as the one that best describes his new album which served him as pure therapy. “You have to enjoy and recreate yourself in all the moments of lifelike when you’re sad and you put on music to recreate yourself, it’s because you need to move on and process that anger,” he explained.

Considering this, and addressing the subject of the love songs that dominate Ana Mena’s new work, Motos recalled a quote from the great Joquín Sabina, who believed that great love songs are really about disagreements in love because “You write much better when you’re sad”.

“I completely agree with Sabina”, says the artist. “When I feel down I go to the studio, I have my team always there and for me it’s therapy,” he revealed.

But, What is the key moment of ‘Bellodrama’ for the creator? She had it very easy when she replied with a touch of humor and – why not – sincerity: “For me, the first moment of Bellodrama is… have you seen the tubs of ice cream at the supermarket ? Well, family-sized ones.”

The disappointing story behind i was caught by you

The curiosity to know the inside story of the new album and to know a little more about the most personal life of the singer does not end there. Pablo Motos also asked her about another of his songs from the playlist, i was caught by youa song dedicated to crush Italian.

“It was a super exciting story. In fact, it’s the happiest song on the album,” began Ana Mena. “This it was during the first summer of covid (…) It was a free summer, without work and for me it is unusual”, he continued.

For this reason, when her good friend and neighbor offered her to go away for a few days to a small town on the Italian coast, she accepted without thinking: “There was a boy like in the corner, very far away, who didn’t speak… .. He passed on to me as something very beautiful“.

“I’m super respectful, and If there’s a girlfriend, I don’t even insinuate myself. It is sacred“. But the thing did not stop there and when she returned to Spain she followed him by “monitoring” his Instagram account to see if he was still with his girlfriend.

Months later, Mena found out he wasn’t with that girl anymore and that’s when he decided to write her a song: “I was inspired by my fantasiesI went to the studio in the afternoon and wrote the song”.

“Do you know the worst of all, Pablo?” The singer asked the presenter: “When I went to send it to him, he already had another new girlfriend…so I never sent it to him”.

“Well, either you dial very slow or he catches very fast; one of the two,” Motos said in response.

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