Ana Mena was one of those responsible for putting the brilli-brilli touch at the flowery LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023 festival. The malagueña interpreted Slowly, 12 there A classic in front of a devoted audience who did not hesitate to join the choirs—with cheers and applause—of the songs included in Bellodrama.

But before regaling us with her successes, the artist found herself in front of our microphones to chat for a moment with our David Álvarez, to whom she confessed that he was still dealing with an “impressive emotional hangover” after the release of his second album: “We continued with the promo, although now with less nerves because (the album) had already been released; I was stuck on social networks to know what we thought of it, if people had their favorite ranking …”, he added.

In its first week, Bellodrama became the No. 1 album in sales in our country, a fact for which Ana is “Happy and super grateful for the love they gave him, which we didn’t expect at all.”

The Madrid concert “is going to be a bomb”

Throughout this summer, Ana Mena has programmed the Bellodrama Tour with a series of concerts across our geography, among which the one that will take place at the Wizink Center in Madrid stands out from the others —and of which LOS40 is the official broadcaster—. On September 9, not only will we “scream glitter”, but there will also be some nice surprises (and we’re not talking about the ones we’ve already been able to see on the first dates, like in La Coruña). “Madrid are going to be a bomb,” he assured us.

Disco in Italian: yes or no?

In a past interview with this house, the Andalusian said that there would be two albums: a version in Spanish —Bellodrama— and another in Italian. While very little was known about said project, he stated verbatim: “I’m still working on the concept, and there will be a different title in Spanish and in Italian”.

And when is this project? Mena leaves it a little in the air: “If we release an Italian record, it will be a different record, because I wanted to Bellodrama It was a special album for Spanish speakers and for people here in Spain… And that every premiere was special for where it was headed. So if we publish one in Italian, it will be different too.” he expressed, dropping that there was still time.

Now fans across the Mediterranean can start their own countdown, like the one we did a few weeks ago at LOS40. New songs in Italian are already coming! And we don’t say it, she confirmed it to us herself. Press PLAY and find out.

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