The appearance of Ana de Armas in his first monologue for Saturday Night Live! In the United States, he promised to fill his fans with pride, even if he ended up causing controversy. Beyond his funny anecdote with the series Friends, many could not ignore the fact that he did not mention Spain in a short biography that he included in his speech; something particularly striking after being part of one of the most popular national series of the first decade of the 2000s. Some said they were ashamed of their time in our country, Nothing could be further from the truth.

The actress is currently promoting Ghostnext to Chris Evans. They previously coincided in Daggers in the Back and The Invisible Agent, but this movie ended up highlighting the great chemistry they have together, especially because of the complicity they show when addressing the media in joint interviews. This is where they show how well they both know each other, although they always have the opportunity to surprise each other with other new information.

One of the last was with Wired, who offered them to discover the most popular searches on Google about them. For example, how tall is Chris or how many tattoos has Ana got? in addition to questions about his career such as how Evans got his role as Captain America or if his partner is in the saga of John Wick.

But, among all the searches, there is one in particular that may not stand out for the American public and perhaps for the Spaniards: Why did Ana de Armas leave El Internado, that in Spanish it would be Why Ana de Armas left El Internado. And his Spanish fans might know that, but Chris had no idea.

“Do you know what it is, Boarding? It’s a series that I did in Spain when I settled there,” comments Ana to her colleague, who is quick to ask her why she abandoned him. There, she does not hesitate to tell it: “I started on the show when I was 19, and I played a high school kid for three years, and I felt like… It’s time to move on, I’m not doing much- thing here, I did everything I had to do, it’s time to go. So I suggested that they kill me, and they did..

It refers to what for many was the most traumatic death of all seasons of the series, that of his character. Carolina, who took advantage of Ana’s Cuban accent to pass her off as a Canarian, daughter of a famous actress, she ended her wanderings in the 6th season after 52 episodes playing her.

Ana, from Madrid

After leaving Laguna Negra, the actress followed her passion and signed for the most popular titles, including the famous Lies and Fats. After, crossed the pond to immerse himself in sagas as mythical as blade runner oh james bond, among others. But in the interview what was his first film, also of Spanish origin, stands out.

In search of What is Ana de Armas’ first film, she responds with humor by recriminating her partner who told her recently, only to later reveal that it is Una Rosa de Francia. He did it at a very young age, just when he moved to the Spanish capital, which he easily includes in his biography: “I am Cuban, I was born in Havana, I lived there until I was 18 and then I moved to Madrid”, account in the same interview answering the search if she is Cuban.

In this way, Spanish fans can confirm that ignoring his time in our country was something anecdotal, without the intention of forgetting the country that helped him build his artistic career.

Ghost is available on Apple TV+.

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