There are unwanted calls and unwanted calls… And no doubt the one received last Tuesday afternoon by the Spanish radio-television journalist Almudena Ariza when she was in the most uncomfortable moment of her interview in Resistancewins the jackpot.

The TVE correspondent was the guest of honor on the show that David Broncano presents on Movistar + and how could it be otherwise, to end his interview with the famous journalist, the man from Jaén asked Ariza the two classic format questions: how much money you had in the bank and how many times you had sex in the last month.

Well, while Broncano detailed to the one in Madrid how they usually count each type of sexual practice so that, based on an accurate score, the interviewee gives them a more or less coherent answer, Ariza received the one that will remain in the format’s history as one of the most uncomfortable calls ever received on set while taping a show… And that’s it, while David Broncano tried to explainnot without further difficulty, what is caressing and how do you score in your ranking, Ariza received the call from her mother on the mobile phone.

“It was my mother, I swear!said the reporter, sparking laughter from the audience just before picking up the phone of the woman who gave birth to her to quickly clarify her doubts about when the interview should air.Mom, you still not watching the show… I’m live now“The communications professional told her mother, who hung up immediately.

After the interruption, Almudena Ariza picked up the thread of the conversation and clarified that she was not interested in fondling because “it’s not funny” just like tantric sex is not. She then did her calculations and gave her answer: from zero to twice a week depending on whether or not she is living with her husband at the time, or between 0 and 8 times a month.

Almudena Ariza answers the money question

To the other classic question of Resistancewhich in this case came before the one referring to sex, Almudena Ariza replied that at the moment in his bank accounts there was an amount that between 100,000 and 300,000 euros. Come on, despite her great career on television, Ariza’s fortune is still very far from the 140 million euros raised by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Manson and the 270 million What assured basketball player José Manuel Calderón that he had won throughout their careers, the two supposedly greatest fortunes that have passed through the program since its inception in February 2018.

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