Things in the Mediaset universe keep changing and it is that according to the newspaper La Razón, Alba Carrilloone of Telecinco’s regular collaborators, was banned from the group. The social gathering was removed from the spotlight for days on the set of it’s already noonin which she stood out for being the featured talk show host in the section Costs and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to do so.

From verTele they assure that Unicorn Content, the television producer to which she was linked, has decided to give up her contract. According to this header March 31 would have been the last day in which Alba Carrillo would have worked for the chain. Something that could justify its absence in it’s already noon in the last days.

This same header recognizes that the reasons on which your contract has not been renewed They didn’t transcend, but it was a consensual deal between the producer and the channel.

Something that was already anticipated by La Razón, who clarified that it was due to a veto that the high spheres of Mediaset had imposed on the collaborator. Along the same lines, Semana magazine went further and assured that “the new directive” I didn’t want a profile like yours because they wanted to avoid controversy at all costs, as they did a few weeks ago by brutally dismissing Marta Riesco.

Sources close to the Mediaset world would have confirmed to this last header that Alba had been “vetoed for appearing in person at the Operation Deluxe against The Tele Factory. Will not come back. Telecinco does not want anyone working to sue its production companies. The group might not like this situation since suing the production company, La Fabrica de la Tele, partly means suing the medium they work in, which Rosa Benito herself did years ago.

And it is that, to understand this situation, it is necessary to remember that Alba had an open war with the producer of Save me and with its entire cast of collaborators, which apparently would not have pleased many bosses, who ended up doing without their television appearances.

The reality is that Alba Carrillo was one of the network’s star collaborators, starring in some unique moments that will go down in television history. The young woman has participated in many programs of the house, participating in two of its realities par excellence, Big Brother VIP there survivors. But will this decision be unilateral? Will we see the model conquer the small screen again?

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