The one Aitana messed up! The Spanish star threw the house out the window. Well, instead, he filled it with people and played house music. And it is that this Wednesday, March 29, the first party took place Alpha House. An event that accompanies the new musical era of Catalan and that has been a real phenomenon.

The Lula Club, located in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía, was the first club to host this exclusive party organized by Aitana. Remember that the young woman announced that she was going to do several (including some dates in Latin America). With free entry for all fans who managed to get one via the web (they barely lasted a minute), the club was sold out. But not only that, the line to enter the venue circled the block (and many fans were hoping to get in).

But it wasn’t just Aitana followers. The party was also attended by several well-known faces from the entertainment world. A way for the star to surround himself with his friends from the industry.

We leave you the list of famous men and women who attended the event. Because we love this information!

Lele Pons

Lele Pons She took advantage of her visit to Spain to go to her friend Aitana’s party. Recall that the Venezuelan invited Aitana to her wedding a few weeks ago. Also, although many of us forget, the two singers reunited in the remix of Phone. Come on, Lele was our beloved Aitana’s first international collaboration. That way he couldn’t miss the party. In addition, Lele posed with another of the actresses of the moment: Jedet.


Jedet does not miss one. The actress and singer wanted to support her friend on this very special evening. Thanks to her, we could see how much fun certain celebrities were having. The best? The good vibes he has with Yenesi.

The nurse

Yenesi has become in a few months one of the funniest personalities on the internet. We see it on the red carpets, in the evenings and, above all, on TikTok. His videos go viral thanks to his sense of humor. He didn’t miss the Alpha House party either.

Belen Aguilera

The antagonist ran like a greyhound to get to Aitana’s party. The singer-songwriter gets along wonderfully with the artist. Moreover, he loves his music. “You are absolutely perfect,” the Copilot singer wrote along with an image of the singer. “I’m one more fan,” she added alongside the Los Angeles song. Will they release a collab at some point?

Sergio Momo

The actor of the third season of Elite, Sergio Momo, was also at the party. The young man, who will soon present the second season of Bienvenidos a Eden, is a longtime friend of Aitana.

Clara Galle

Of course, Clara Galle, the actress of Through My Window, was not absent from the event either. The two young women are very good friends and always support each other. The actress was on stage giving it her all with Aitana.

Alba Rèche

Alba Reche also attended the event to support her partner label. The two, who came out of Operación Triunfo, are with Universal Music.

Jorge Motorcycles

After starring in La Última, Aitana befriended one of her co-stars: Jorge Motos. Indeed, the actor did not hesitate to come and support his friend.

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