Agent of the Night ending explained and implications for Season 2

Agent of the Night ending explained and implications for Season 2

The Night Agent achieved the third-best historical premiere of a series on Netflix

What do you think of the 10 available chapters of The Night Agent? Did you understand its ending correctly? And what does this mean for the second season of this crime thriller, already confirmed by netflix? These and other questions that I will try to answer in this post. I want you to understand what happened in this series based on the homonymous novel written by Matthew Weird and featuring Gabriel Low. And that’s why, I will talk WITH SPOILERS about what happened in his last episodes.

What happened in the season one finale of The Night Agent?

In the last act of the first season, the characters of Stone, Rose, Arrington there The monks they find the daughter of the vice-president of the United States. They save her too, of course. But Michelle Travers begins to suspect everyone, while Wick there Redfield prepare an attack for the meeting which will take place between through there Zadar.

Of course, our heroes must avoid a massacre at all costs: Stone, Pink there Diana they fight, but do not prevent explosions. However, he averts a tragedy, so Peter earns everyone’s trust, proving his innocence in the whole mess. Farr there Redfield are apprehended, while Peter joins the team known as Night action.

Consequences of the end of The Night Agent for season 2?

It is precisely here that there remains the night guard in its first season: Rock enrolled in Night action. However, he suspense It’s a heart attack, because the character will already face his first mission and we will only witness it in the second season, still undated, but already confirmed.4

Peter will stay longer on Netflix: The Night Agent season 2 is confirmed

Eventually, The night guard paved the way for the future that awaits the character, showing that its creators have blindly trusted in their success.

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