this week in love is forever someone will throw themselves into the arms of one of the protagonists, in front of a look that did not expect such a scene.

Also, some of the neighbors of the Plaza de los Frutos They will fall into traps they shouldn’t, they will discover lies, they will experience tensions between families, disappointments in love and even stubborn resentments.

We tell you in more detail about what’s to come to the hit series Antena 3 which airs Monday through Friday, from 4.30 p.m.:

Chapter of Monday March 20

Ricardo says goodbye to his family and to Marcelino. None of them know they will ever see him again. Carballo injured to clarify the death of his father. You must recover the body.

Lorenzo ready to donate his kidney to Valentin. Luján has no choice but to accept Jorge into his criminal organization. Alberto resolves the strike in his company directly with the workers, while he discovers that, in the workshop, Andrea’s first client is Aurora Vigo.

Quintero, fed up with Cristina’s rudeness, says enough is enough. Ciriaco and Maribel enjoy the party. He tries to kiss her, but only gets a couch.

Chapter of Tuesday March 21

Manolita returns from Manchester. His daughters are doing very well. Nieves examines the private label packaging. Manolita sees them and can’t stand that her cousin doesn’t take her into consideration. Jorge insists that Luján wants to join the organization, but Luján resists.

Lorenzo is compatible to donate the kidney. Visi senses that there is something strange after Marivalle’s trip. Cristina does not stop resenting Quintero. Alberto kisses Aurore. He is ready to deceive Andrea.

Chapter of Wednesday March 22

Manolita is very hurt with Nieves and sings about her quarantine although she will eventually sign the contract with Cantero. Nieves notices Ricardo’s absence. The friendship between Ciriaco and Maribel is consolidated.

Jorge joins Luján’s organization and Carballo urges him to find his father’s body. Marivalle appears in Madrid by surprise and on the arm of a boyfriend. Visi doubts his partner’s good intentions.

Rocío goes ahead with the intention of leaving and Úrsula appears who has decided to end her marriage.

Chapter of Thursday March 23

Marcelino has a new client and tries to contact Ricardo. Andrea and Ciriaco seem to strengthen their friendship. Joseba Arregui sets a trap for Ricardo. Manolita signs the contract with López Cantero, but her relationship with Nieves suffers.

Alberto returns from his trip smelling the perfume of a woman. Ursula is hiding something, she knows that when she says it, everything will change. Visi warns Marivalle about Juanvi, but she doesn’t want to hear it.

Jorge is doing his first job for the organization, but it’s a test. Carballo continues to search for Laura Rubio’s brother, but cannot find him. Cristina gives him a key.

Chapter of Friday March 24

Tension and disagreement grow between the Sanabrias and Marcelino, lost without Ricardo, fails in his attempt to attract a client. Visi tries to open Marivalle’s eyes and ends up kicking her out.

The detectives fight their mutual attraction and focus on finding Víctor Rubio, whom Pelayo unknowingly sees again in the square. Jesus confronts his father. And, after passing his test, Jorge stands before Luján, determined to enter the company.

Rocío gets a new job and Hugo is faced with the idea of ​​losing her for good. Pelayo gives Ciriaco a key to help Maribel. And Andrea discovers, through Aurora, Alberto’s fame as a conqueror. Ursula prevents Hugo from falling back into his addiction and the moment culminates in a kiss, in the presence of Visi.

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