According to the German brand Adidas, in a complaint that it recently filed, its competitor would have infringed 9 patents for which it asks for a “reasonable” amount.

According to the German brand Adidas, Nike’s SNKRS application, among others, infringed nine of its patents. This is how the brand of the three gangs that filed a lawsuit in a Texas court last Friday, June 10, considers it.

Likewise, Adidas accuses the North American brand of having violated its intellectual property through apps such as Run Club, Training Club or SNKRS. He even points out that the Adidas_1 shoe from 2005 has also been affected as it is ‘the world’s first intelligent running shoe’.

Therefore, the complainant demands an economic consideration that supposes “a sufficient amount” to compensate her for the infringement of the patents in litigation by the defendant, “but not less than a reasonable fee, together with interest and costs”.

It should be remembered that a year ago it was Nike who sued Adidas for, according to the swoosh brand, having infringed its patented ‘Flyknit’ technology with ‘Primeknit’.

So far, no one from Nike’s parent company has commented on the lawsuit filed against it by Adidas.

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