Occasionally Adele lived in their concerts hand proposals of his fans, and these are very emotional moments. But at his last concert, a couple came to see his show in Las Vegas right after getting married, tuxedo and wedding dress included.

The singer was playing When we were young walking among people in the halls of the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. “The ones you just married, boys?” the artist said in passing, letting out a cry of emotion, to which the very excited couple replied that yes, they had married today, and she congratulated them on the marriage.

The newlyweds didn’t hesitate and before she left with the music besides they literally asked her for an autograph, but instead of pulling out a piece of paper, the bride lifted the bottom of her dress above- above the small railing in front of her so that Adèle I signed the petticoat of her wedding dress.

The singer took the marker that the boyfriend gave him to autograph his wife’s dress and, in the meantime, Adele hasn’t stopped singing for them and for the rest of the theater.

At the end, the couple received applause from the audience and jumped up and celebrated with a kiss. a very nice gesture by the British singer that this young couple will never forget.

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