A teacher at the Point of Grace Christian Institute in Perry, Florida (USA), was arrested last Wednesday for sending sexual messages to a student, 18 years old and plan to take him home when her husband was not there, according to the ‘Daily Mail’.

The young man’s mother discovered the messages on her son’s mobile and denounced Julie Hoover, the 38-year-old teacher, on June 2. The exchange of messages between the teacher and the final year student would have taken place from March to April.

Once the police became aware of the facts, carried out the arrest of the woman accusing her of abuse of power when proposing and organizing to maintain relationships with a student.

Finally, the teacher posted bail $15,000 (approximately 14,315 euros) last Thursday.

According to the media the student was enrolled in several Hoover classes who according to his Linkedin profile, graduated from the University of San Leo and has been teaching mathematics at the institute since 2018.

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