A desperate mother searches for her missing daughter.

A desperate mother searches for her missing daughter.

Mum is asking the community for help in finding her 15-year-old daughter who has been missing since Saturday, with each passing minute her anxiety grows.

Lesbia Herrera, mother of a missing daughter, says that since last Saturday, March 25, she has suffered ordeal for the disappearance of her 15-year-old daughter, Allison Henríquez.

“It’s very hard, I go into the room and it seems to me that it won’t come back, I ask whoever has it to give it back to me, it’s like a child at home”

And it is that this mother’s greatest despair is that the teenager has learning problems and also suffers from epileptic seizures.

“If she sees this, come back, give her back to me, her mind has a disability, her mind is like a child, she doesn’t understand, she’s a two-three year old child.”

Miami police officer Mike Vega. He says: “We just found out you have a medical condition if something happens to you when you’re with another person, that person may also be responsible.”

According to what Herrera tells us, that Saturday, Henríquez was on the steps of his house located at 3045 Northwest and 21 Court in Miami with a friend and then disappeared.

“We’re investigating the case, we’re looking at the pictures, we know the girl is with a gun, drugs, we’re not here to arrest her, we’re here to help her,” Vega says. . “Someone took a picture of him with a gun pointed straight ahead and with an older person,” he adds.

Anyone with information can call the Miami Dade Stop Crime Line at 305-471-84-77.

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