7 urban proposals not to be missed in Primavera Sound

7 urban proposals not to be missed in Primavera Sound

He His Primavera It has become one of the most anticipated events for music lovers around the world. This year he will arrive in Barcelona from May 29 to July 4 and in Madrid from June 6 to 11. As every year, it will bring together voices from all musical styles and from all regions of the world, which will make this new edition a true feast of emotions.

Some of the most notorious of this 2023 are Rosalia, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Halsey and Blur. Although, like every year, the list is endless, but at LOS40 Urban we have collected the names of those artists who are part of our genre and who will fill the stages with perreo, rap and a lot of rhythm.

Bad girl

Most affected will be on June 10 in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) filling the stage brilliantly. He will do it with a unique and very special show that will make his audience dance with his musical hits. And we are sure that topics like Flow 2000 there pimp They will be part of a setlist that will turn the night of June 10 into a real party.

Bad Gyal in concert / Mariano Regidor (Getty Images)


The Puerto Rican is one of the most listened to on the urban music scene. After the release of his album HeavenMora is recharging her batteries to come back stronger than ever, and the Primavera Sound stage is a good opportunity to do so. Memoirs, Lacone there the innocent are some of the songs that have defined his career.


Little is left to say about the most Motomami of them all. Rosalía entered the charts with her voice and since then she has not stopped reaching more and more territories. Now he is already one of the greatest references of the new generations, and he has not only shown that he has a great talent for moving through urban rhythms, but also through pop, electronic and music. flamenco, among others.

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Rosalia at the 2022 LOS40 Music Awards / Carlos Alvarez (Getty Images)


Argentina could not miss this new edition of Primavera Sound. After his success in the world of freestyle, Trueno dared his music and immediately conquered thousands and thousands of people around the world. He will be one of those in charge of satisfying the trap and hip-hop lovers of the scene.

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concert thunder / Cristina Andina (Getty Images)

Kendrick Lamar

If we talk about rap, we have to mention Kendrick Lamar. The artist will arrive directly from California as one of the headliners of this festival which has moved thousands of people around the world. It started its journey in 2004 and since then it has climbed in the industry to become a reference of the genre all over the world. Many will realize their dream of meeting him backstage.

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Rapper Kendrick Lamar / Jason Koerner (Getty Images)


When we think of naturalness and the musical revolution, we think of Tokischa. The Dominican has filled the charts with perreo with several of her songs. Female dog with J Balvin, Linda with Rosalie and Hi with Eladio Carrión are some examples.

West Indian villain

When we think of revolution, we also think of the name of this artist who revolutionized standards and demonstrated that there are no limits in music. Everyone is free to be as they wish and to express their art as they wish. She showed a lot of self-confidence and a very clear speech on diversity and freedom.

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Villano Antillano will be at Primavera Sound / Michael Buckner (Getty Images)

And you, do you have your ticket for Primavera Sound?

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