5 Reasons You Need To Watch The Night Agent On Netflix

5 Reasons You Need To Watch The Night Agent On Netflix

The Night Agent is a highly addictive new Netflix blockbuster

We are lucky : netflix A new series that could be successful premiered this Thursday, March 23, 2023. Its name is the night guard and is created by Shawn Ryne. If you do not know his name, I assure you that with the presentation that I will make, you will know him. And be careful, because I think that if you like thrillers or series with a political and detective component, The Night Agent Is The Netflix Fiction You’ve Been Waiting For And Didn’t See Coming.

The Night Officer has an interesting premise

Obviously, the first thing that should catch the eye of a series is its premise or argument. In the night guardan unnoticed FBI agent, Peter Sutherland, is in charge of a phone that never rings in the basement of the White House. However, one night the phone starts ringing, setting off a plot that goes way beyond what he can cover.

It’s an addictive thriller

Now that you know its plot, you will be interested to know if the series is engaging or not. Between us, The night agent follows the canons of the genrethat’s to say: They introduce you to the situation and until you reach the denouement, twist after twist, reveal and more script twists. For this reason, it engages more than other fictions which try to innovate in their narrative form. That’s to say, It’s conventional, but at the same time it’s addictive.

Shawn Ryan, creator of The Night Agent, is a showrunner first

I already told you Shawn Ryan and I promised you that you will know his name when he presents his work to you: let’s say that in 2002 he created The Shield: Outlaw, one of the best detective series on television which lasted 7 seasons and 88 episodes. In 2011, he shaped The Chicago Code, a little less known in Spain. And be careful, because in 2016 he worked with Eric Kripke In Timelessthe American version of The Ministry of Time. So he has a lot of television experience.

The night agent will appeal to lovers of thrillers and conspiracies

Worthy TV version of Target: The White House?

Basically, the night guard Possibly a TV version of Objective the white house you Objective: Washington DC., but without the spectacular constant of this saga of Gerald Butler. If you liked these films, I assure you that you will love this series of netflix: Lots of murders, a fast-paced plot about an FBI agent confronting a conspiracy, action through a hit and plot galore.

The Night Agent Only Has 10 Chapters (So Far)

In these times, the sequences of several seasons end up tiring us, especially if the platform of streaming ends up canceling them. Now well, the night guard for the moment it has only 10 chapters with a duration of 50 minutes; It takes you less than 9 hours to find out what’s behind this addictive thriller.

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The night guard is very well interpreted

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