The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was killed this Wednesday by armed men who carried out an assault on his house at dawn in the Pelerin neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, reported the interim prime minister, Claude Joseph.

In the assault, the first lady, Martine Moise, was shot and wounded, who is receiving medical care, according to a statement read by Joseph on the radio.

“This morning, at one in the morning, July 7, a group of unidentified people, who spoke in Spanish and English, assassinated the President of the Republic. The president has died from his injuries.” Said the acting prime minister.

The Haitian Prime Minister's statement

The Haitian Prime Minister’s statement

Joseph called for the calm of the population and assured that the “the country’s security situation is under control” and condemned the assassination, which he described as “An act of barbarism.”

“Democracy and the Republic will win,” concludes the statement.

In the next few hours, the prime minister will preside over a Council of Ministers and address the nation.

Haiti's Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph

Haiti’s Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph

It is according to Gazette Haiti, the corpse of the president would still be in his room awaiting a legal report.

Murder occurs two months before the presidential and legislative elections called for next September 26, an election in which Moise could not be a candidate.

Moise had called for the same date a referendum to approve a new Constitution, a project that did not have the support of the opposition or the international community.

Haiti is going through a strong political crisis since mid-2018 and lived its most serious moment on February 7, the date on which Moise denounced that the opposition, with the support of judges, were plotting a coup.

In parallel form, Haiti is going through a deep security crisis, which has been aggravated especially since the beginning of June by territorial struggles between armed gangs that dispute control of the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

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