Bernie Sanders, Lady Gaga, JLo: The most ridiculous Memes from Biden's inauguration

Bernie Sanders, Lady Gaga, JLo and the most memorable Memes from Biden’s inauguration

(Citizen Free Press) — It is time to admit that making jokes about sacred historical moments like the presidential inaugurations is only part of our way of dealing with overwhelming political and social change. We know that history is being made, yes, but what kind of history? When future generations look back on this day, what will they see?

Apparently, mostly summer memes by Bernie Sanders.

In the most memorable moments of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Vermont senator emerged as the clear winner of the day. From the moment he arrived, a northeastern outerwear beacon amid a sea of ​​stylish wool coats, the internet fell in love with Sanders all over again.

«Bernie dressed like the inauguration was on his to-do list today, but it wasn’t his whole day.

Perhaps it was the Burton jacket, apparently a favorite item in Sanders’ wardrobe. And it’s proof, as Esquire says, that you just need a good coat. (Longtime fans of Bernie’s memes recognized the coat as the same one he appears to be wearing in another memorable moment of the campaign in late 2019).

“Wait, Bernie is wearing the same jacket as his meme at the inauguration?”

Maybe it was the mittens, a perfect combination of functionality and fashion, or the fact that she came to the event carrying what looked like a package and… a check? Either way, it gave off a casual “This was fun, but the post office closes at six” vibe that people felt deep in their souls.

“Bernie looks like he’s really going to drop off a package or something.”

Now imagine him sitting in a folding chair, trying to keep warm and become the most beloved meme of the day. People have had a lot of fun with this moment!

“I’m asking you once again not to talk to me at parties”

“When you have to go to the bathroom but the cat is comfortable”

The other memorable moments of the inauguration

Of course, the other groundbreaking fashions at the ceremony also drew their fair share of jokes and admiration. For example, the jewel-toned coat squad of powerful political women or Lady Gaga in a suit that looked like Effie Trinket’s sensitive twin sister.

Bernie doing things right out there.
How do other girls look with their winter clothes – How do I see myself »

“I made a website where you can put Bernie in some places using Street View from Google Maps. Enjoy!”

«In the chat they said: go in pearl tones»

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first Hunger Games”

“Gaga at the inauguration”

And how about Jennifer Lopez? Did you really think you could sing a little “Let’s Get Loud” at your inauguration performance and that people wouldn’t talk about it? Impossible!

“My cat’s reaction when JLo sang ‘Let’s get Loud'”

«Gaga dressed up as a sponsor of the Hunger Games. JLo put “Let’s get Loud” on This land is your Land. Everything about this is very extra.

People also took note of the man who performed the critical task of cleaning the lectern between appearances. We are in a pandemic.He deserves all the love in the world!

In addition to Sanders, Tom Hanks also gave something to talk about

Later in the evening, as the sun set on Biden’s first day as president, America’s other uncle, Tom Hanks (Sanders is father’s side uncle, Hanks is mother’s uncle) stood in front of to the Lincoln Memorial and paid tribute to the American dream of unity. This would normally be nothing to comment on, but the internet was very tired and overstimulated, and Hanks was not wearing a coat. What happens?

“I know William Henry Harrison doesn’t get a lot of tribute, but I’d still feel better if Tom Hanks wore a coat.”

The dawn of a new presidency brings with it so many questions, so many unknowns. But before we face the challenges that await us, it was a pleasure to be able to come together as Americans and celebrate what truly unites us: a collective concern about whether Bernie Sanders delivered that package on time.

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