What is the salary of a waiter or waitress in the USA in 2022

What is the salary of a waiter or waitress in the USA in 2022

By 2020, the median annual salary for a waitress in the United States was already $23,740, according to data from US News. Currently, this amount can be higher in some states that pay much more than what the federal government imposes

According to the Department of Labor (DOL, for its acronym in English), waiters or waiters are considered to be all those people who take orders and serve food and beverages to customers in food establishments (restaurants, bars, hotels and others). similar establishments). This is a job whose hours can be variable, including early hours, night hours or weekends and holidays.

The job as a waiter or bartender is one of the most requested jobs in the country due to the earnings that are perceived beyond the base salary and that come from the tips of the clients. By 2020, people who carried out this type of work received an approximate median salary of $23,740 per year, according to US News data, equivalent to $11.41 dollars per hour in a 40-hour week. For 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, for its acronym in English) ensures that waiters and waiters received a median wage of $12.50 per hour, which represents an improvement compared to the immediately previous year.

What is the salary of a waiter or waiter in the United States for this 2022?

According to estimates from the Department of Labor (DOL), by 2022, waiters or waiters in much of the United States earn an average minimum wage of $7.25 per hour (combining a minimum wage of $2.13 with a approximate amount of tips you can receive). This amount represents the basic salary imposed by the federal government through the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a law that regulates —among other things— everything that has to do with the minimum labor wage. , the maximum hours worked, overtime and the work of adolescents in the country. However, there is a state salary that is usually imposed because it is higher in many places in the United States.

Below is a list of approximate minimum wages by state for people who have jobs as waiters or bartenders in the country:

1. Alaska: $10.34
2. American Samoa: special wage rates
3. California: $14.00 – $15.00
4. Northern Mariana Islands: $7.25
5. Guam: $8.75
6. Minnesota: $8.42 – $10.33
7. Montana: $4.00 – $9.20
8. Nevada: $8.75 – $9.75
9. Oregon: $12.75
10. Washington: $14.49
11. Arizona: $12.80
12. Arkansas: $11.00
13. Colorado: $12.56
14. Connecticut: $13.00
15. Delaware: $10.50
16. District of Columbia: $15.20
17. Florida: $10.00
18. Hawaii: $10.10
19. ID: $7.25
20. Illinois: $12.00
21. Iowa: $7.25
22. Maine: $12.75
23. MD: $12.50
24. Massachusetts: $14.25
25. Michigan: $9.87
26. Missouri: $11.15
27. New Hampshire: $7.25
28. New Jersey: $13.00
29. New Mexico: $11.50
30. New York: $13.20
31. North Dakota: $7.25
32. Ohio: $9.30
33. Oklahoma: $7.25
34. Pennsylvania: $7.25
35. Rhode Island: $12.25
36. South Dakota: $9.95
37. Vermont: $12.55
38. Virgin Islands: $10.50
39. Wisconsin: $7.25
40. West Virginia: $8.75

Some states in the country impose the federal minimum wage rate ($2.13) for waiters or waiters, that is, they do not consider their own state rate. Among those states, there are some that experience certain variations derived from the average amount in tips that they can receive according to DOL data:

1. Alabama: $2.13
2. Georgia: $2.13
3. Indiana: $7.25
4. Kansas: $7.25
5. Kentucky: $7.25
6. Louisiana: $2.13
7. Mississippi: $2.13
8. Nebraska: $9.00
9. North Carolina: $7.25
10. Puerto Rico: $8.50
11. South Carolina: $2.13
12. Tennessee: $2.13
13. Texas: $7.25
14. Utah: $7.25
15. Virginia: $11.00
16. Wyoming: $7.25

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