Senator Josh Hawley presented a bill where the states of the country will have the ability to deport undocumented immigrants who live in their cities. The Republican made this policy to show that there are solutions to the immigration crisis that is being experienced throughout the country and that the Biden Administration has allegedly refused to ensure.

The project that bears the title: “Act to Empower States to Deport Illegal Immigrants”, Introduced by the senator from Missouri, it is intended to empower state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration law.

The Republican asked the US to “Remove the gloves”, to fight against illegal immigration, a problem, which according to the Biden Administration is not looking for a solution to secure the borders. The legislation will fight so that people from other countries who enter the United States illegally are deported to their places of origin.

Globe Live Media detailed that this bill would strike down a 2012 Supreme Court case that significantly limited the ability of states to participate in law enforcement. immigration. With legislation introduced by Josh Hawley, It would allow each of the states to use their own resources to enforce immigration laws.

But not only this, since the “States Empowerment Act to Deport Illegal Immigrants” also will allow the states that make the limit or border with others, to have the ability to secure their space and deport people who are not documented.

The Administration of President Joe Biden has repeatedly argued that the border is “secure” and has said that it is reinstating legal asylum processes that are in accordance with US law and that were shot down during the administration of Donald Trump.

However, Republicans do not agree with this argument, especially the governors of border states such as Texas, whose government sent two trucks with mostly Venezuelan immigrants to the home of the Vice President. Kamala Harris as a sign that the border is not “secure” as they say.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ action to send immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard Island To whom he supposedly promised that they would find work, and who, after realizing that they had been used, filed a class action lawsuit against the Republican.

They have also pointed out the more than 2.1 million migrants who have crossed the borders into the United States in this fiscal year. A significant number and that had not been registered on previous occasions and for what the Republican legislators reproach regarding the lack of initiative to seek a solution to the immigration problem.

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