Adams warned that they are projected to be unable to continue housing asylum seekers.

At least 400 new immigrants arrived in New York every day for the past week.

New York Mayor Eric Adams said the number of migrants arriving in the city has pushed it to the limit, so he again asked for federal help in the face of what he called “a humanitarian crisis.”

New York City welcomed an average of 400 new immigrants a day last week, with a “peak” of 835 in a single day, something never seen before, Mayor Eric Adams explained.

“All of this is pushing New York City to the limit,” Adams said in a statement, in which he again appealed for help from the federal government in the face of what he called “a humanitarian crisis” caused by the “bitter absence of immigration reform”.
Since last spring, the city has welcomed “40,000 asylum seekers,” as Adams calls the immigrants, even though many of them are economic immigrants with little chance of being recognized as refugees.

“We have opened 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian aid centers in record time, and we have done it entirely with our means,” recalled the mayor, alluding to the peculiar case of New York, which is legally obliged to provide a roof to anyone person who arrives
Therefore, Adams issued a warning: “Based on our projections, we anticipate that we will be unable to continue housing asylum seekers, and we have issued an appeal for help to the state of New York starting this weekend.”
He explained that this request to the state is reserved only for acute emergencies, and has materialized in the request to house 500 immigrants, but “if the city continues to see how the numbers swell,” the estimates will also have to be increased.
Being New York a land accustomed to receiving immigrants, the new arrivals – mostly Venezuelans – quickly integrate into the city while looking for jobs in high-demand sectors, such as restaurants or construction, often without a work permit due to delays. bureaucratic.

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