Healthcare costs in India are at an all-time high, making health insurance a vital aspect of modern life. Standard health insurance plans can offer coverage to protect you during medical emergencies. However, sometimes even a comprehensive plan can fall short; this is especially the case for surgeries.

Some of the most common surgeries in India are hernia, cataract, caesarean section, and surgeries for fractures. But everyone cannot qualify for government healthcare schemes. And at the same time, rising medical costs leave a large chunk of the population unable to pay for much-needed but expensive surgeries.

This is where individual insurance for critical diseases and surgeries comes in for assistance. In this article, let’s highlight the coverage under surgery-specific health insurance for individuals.

What does Medical Insurance for Surgery Cover?

  • Defined surgeries: Insurance providers have a list of defined surgeries for which they offer medical insurance. So as long as your surgery falls within that list, you will get coverage for it. It helps individuals in protecting their finances and health against unexpected operations and surgical procedures.
  • Organ donor cover: Organ donor treatment is a costly one. With medical insurance for surgery, you will get coverage for these expenses. While undergoing any organ transplant surgery, the organ donor cover helps individuals get claims for medical expenses incurred toward organ donation. You can claim organ donor coverage through a cashless or reimbursement facility.
  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses: Pre-hospitalisation expenses like X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, , can burn a hole in your pocket. Post-hospitalisation, you may need to undergo more tests to ensure that you are recovering well. However, these diagnostics can take a toll on your finances. Individual medical insurance for surgery not only covers critical surgeries but also the tests and medical expenses leading one to the hospitalisation phase. Pre-hospitalisation costs for 30 days before the surgery and post-hospitalisation expenses for 60 days after the surgery are covered.
  • In-patient Care: When admitted to a hospital for more than 24 hours, individual insurance brings valuable support and benefits for individuals. The policy pays for major expenses incurred at the hospital, including room charges, nursing expenses, operation theatre charges, surgeon’s fees, and more.
  • ICU charges: ICU charges tend to be very high due to the round-the-clock critical care required by the patients. With individual health insurance for surgery, you don’t need to worry about such charges as they will be covered.
  • Room rent and in-patient care: Given the rising medical inflation, the per night cost of a private room or ICU ward is no less than INR 7,000. Health insurers like Care Health Insurance offer an optional benefit of room rent modification, wherein there’s no limit on the room rent category during hospitalisation.
  • Ambulance charges: While ambulance charges are far lesser than the actual surgery expenses, it impacts the final bill, especially if you are transported to different hospitals often. Under individual health insurance for surgery, you get ambulance coverage up to a specified amount.
  • Medication and medical equipment: The cost of the medication and the medical equipment as prescribed by the doctor are also covered.
  • Surgeon and attendant’s fees: The surgeon and the attendant’s fees appear as separate items on a hospital bill. But you don’t need to pay them separately as your individual surgery insurance covers them.
  • Second opinion: Undergoing surgery is a serious decision. If you have any doubts, you can get a second opinion at no extra cost

Additional Benefits Under Individual Medical Insurance for Surgery

  • No-claims bonus: Surgeries don’t usually happen every year. Therefore, during the years when you don’t raise any claims, you are entitled for an increased sum insured with a no-claims bonus Under individual insurance for surgeries, you can avail of up to 50% no-claim bonus.
  • Annual health check-ups: Keep track of your health both before and after surgery, with the help of annual health check-ups that come as complementary to the health plan.
  • Lifelong renewability: Insurers like Care Insurance offer lifelong renewability on their individual medical insurance for surgery. You can keep renewing your insurance policy without worrying about re-qualification.

Medical insurance for surgery provides a much-needed financial cushion when you need to undergo critical surgeries. With the burgeoning costs of medical care, additional coverage allows you to get treated and recover without the stress of financial debt. It will strengthen you financially and emotionally for the future.

It would be best if you visited Care Health Insurance’s official website to get in-depth knowledge about several individual health insurance covers, including medical insurance for surgery and get the best plan at affordable rates.

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