Covid cases are on the rise in Argentina since the end of November

What is arthralgia, one of the possible and painful side effects of Covid-19

It is likely that many of the people who have been infected with Covid-19 at some point in the last three years of the pandemic have suffered or continue to suffer from arthralgia and do not know it. This is the scientific term to refer to the joint pain that many patients have experienced during the course of the disease or in the “post-Covid”.

“Arthralgia is inflammation of the joints, that is, the place where two bones meet, and is characterized by pain when moving them and in some cases redness and heat in the area,” explained Bárbara Broese, director of Epidemiology at the Municipality of San Isidro.

The infectologist Eduardo López said that it is a possible consequence recognized and described since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Joint pain, as well as muscle pain, called myalgia, fatigue and a certain degree of depression, are possible effects of Covid, especially when the disease is of a significant degree or required hospitalization,” he said.

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According to the specialist, the enormous spectrum of possible side effects, whether permanent or transient, such as arthralgia, myalgia, pain or listlessness generally improve over time.

Regarding the possibility of suffering from arthralgia as a consequence of vaccination against the virus, he considered that its application is more common for its application to produce muscle aches and sometimes a little fever or a feeling of coldness that does not last more than 24 or 36 hours.

“Rheumatological symptoms associated with Covid are quite frequent and are part of the list of post-Covid, long-Covid or persistent Covid symptoms,” said Luis Cámera, a clinical doctor and who was a member of the national government advisory committee during the pandemic.

According to Cámera, arthralgia symptoms due to Covid are usually transitory and eventually improve with anti-inflammatory treatments. “Until now, they have generally not caused serious disease, but there is no doubt that almost all the different variants that have existed can cause various rheumatological syndromes,” he said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that one in 10 people who have overcome Covid-19 continues to present symptoms weeks and even months after being diagnosed. In addition to arthralgia, possible effects include muscle pain, respiratory sequelae, cardiac sequelae, loss of smell, migraines, and headaches.

Covid-19 vaccination

In recent weeks, Argentina has experienced an increase in Covid infections in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (AMBA), for which the Buenos Aires government and the Buenos Aires province government set up new posts to be inoculated against the coronavirus. In the Buenos Aires district, the demand to get vaccinated continues to be spontaneous, while in the Federal Capital it is mandatory to take a prior shift.

In the city of Buenos Aires, these are the posts that are in operation:

  • Club San Lorenzo (Avenida La Plata 1782)
  • Islamic Center (Avenida Intendente Bullrich 55)
  • Bar Association (Avenida Corrientes 1441)
  • Devotee (Francisco Beiró 4629)
  • Larreta Museum (Mendoza 2250)
  • Corralón Floresta (Av. Gaona 4660)
  • The Ministry of Health of the City (Avenida Amancio Alcorta 2100)
  • Lezama Palace (Martin Garcia 346)
  • Buddhist Temple (located at Montañeses 2175)
  • La Rural (enter through Cerviño street)
  • Chacabuco Park (Curapaligüe 1150)

For its part, in the province of Buenos Aires there are 300 vaccination centers and they are adding new posts to absorb the demand.