Insurance is a way of managing risks. Although we cannot have everything under control, we still have the chance to circumnavigate the possible outcomes of unpredictable accidents that are part of our daily life. Risk management encompasses even the seemingly impossible developments, as in the event of an accident, you may face challenges and difficulties that exceed your initial expectations. That’s why health insurance plans are necessary for ways you previously never thought of.

Sure, someone might argue that nothing is certain in life and you should instead go with the wind, but the direction of the wind is often entirely up to you. In the text below, we’ll discuss why you should take up an insurance plan and how it can benefit you.

Essential health benefits

Sometimes, even arbitrary costs can amount to large sums given the right time and circumstances. Insurance plans are often there to cover essential health benefits you need to maintain your body and mind. This is especially needed when the individual is fighting a chronic illness and is in need of constant medication and treatment. Insurance plans then compensate for most of the expenses and sometimes cover all or most of them. They provide you with the basic care you need in times of difficulty when faced with illness.

Furthermore, they are an assurance in the case of sudden and unexpected accidents. These occur more often than we imagine. Such accidents can be a fall, a car crash, work-related injury, or even emotionally sustained abuse and trauma. Even second-hand exposure to dangerous gases and chemicals can leave you with serious side effects and possible illnesses. And, these accidents might even end with you being unable to work for several months. To have insurance means being prepared for the worst possible outcome, taking all the risks into account, and making sure to cover a vast majority of them if they ever happen.

Protects you from high medical costs

Even if you happen to live in a country where health insurance is free for all and everyone has access to medical care, sometimes unexpected costs might rise due to the particularity of your illness or accident. These “unexpected” costs go beyond the usual x-ray and over-the-counter tablets and include additional tests, therapy for recovery, and consultations in expensive medical clinics. To ensure you are safe no matter the cost, and to be prepared in case such things occur, you should look for private health insurance to protect yourself from high medical bills and unexpected costs. People often, because of these unexpected costs, drop treatment half-through and never fully recover because of it. As the professionals at Ottonova explain, a private health insurance plan covers some above-average medical care (i.e., the things that are not offered or covered by statutory insurance). You can always check out the website and look for a consultation, as they are free, and give you a great insight into each of the available options depending on your income and employment status. These private health insurance plans can also be useful if you happen to be without health care during a short period of unemployment, as you can still claim some of the benefits, but most of them are there to lower the cost of additional procedures you are in need of.

You’ll pay less for basic services before your deductible

A deductible is an amount you pay for certain health care services before your insurance plan starts to cover them and pay for them. Some insurance companies have put in place specific policies to ensure that providers charge less for basic and necessary services during this brief period. So, if you happen to be involved in a car accident and need an X-ray immediately, you can count on a much lower cost and fewer expenses.

Private health insurance for Germany

You can protect other family members

Some insurance plans are offering “family” discounts, meaning your plan can be extended to particular members of your family and they’ll have the same benefits as you in the case of above-average treatment and care, or basic. This can be especially beneficial if your partner happens to be out of work or lacks the funds to apply for private medical care. Such solutions should be discussed with providers, but very often there are possibilities of including several family members and protecting the ones you care for.

Preventive care

Some insurance plans include “free preventive care,” which means additional medical services in the form of vaccines, screenings, check-ups, and office visits beyond the basic and usual. As the medical system is already under a lot of pressure, the rule of thumb is to never go beyond the truly necessary. Therefore, you might only receive two screenings, the before and after results, but for further reassurance, you might be in need of two or one more. Or, although most vaccines are free, additional vaccines, such as the ones you get before going abroad, are not seen as a necessity but rather as a convenience. These and many other additional services can be covered with a proper insurance plan.

All in all, with life being unpredictable and full of surprises, being ahead of some “accidents” can prove life-saving.

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