Does walking have benefits for your sexual health?


It releases endorphins, the hormones of pleasure, which help combat stress, reduce the risk of disease by 27%, increase libido and life expectancy… We know that sex has multiple health benefits, as it does physical exercise. But… what if we tell you that walking is very good for our sexual health?

The benefits of walking on our sexual health

More chances to climax. Researchers at the University of California found that sexual intercourse increased by 30% in people who did moderate cardio activity, such as brisk walking or slow jogging. Not only that, but the same people had increased the number of times they climaxed by 26% in a six-month period. And why does it happen? Walking strengthens the muscles of the torso, the pelvic floor, especially, and the legs, increasing the chances of having an orgasm.

Hold more in sexual relations. If we walk more, we will last longer in bed. It sounds simple, but it really is! Increases performance, stamina and pleasure during sexual intercourse. And all because exercise improves blood circulation, including in the genital area. To increase physical activity, WeWard is the perfect complement so that in addition to walking, you can discover the cities and get rewards for all the steps you take.

30 minutes of daily exercise is enough. Finding time to exercise can never be an excuse since, in reality, only 30 minutes a day are necessary to notice an improvement in our resistance and perceive physical changes. Choosing to run daily errands or make a stretch from home to work on foot is a good option, with which you will even be contributing to improving the impact of Co2 on the planet. In figures, take note: 10,000 steps a day are necessary to be in shape according to the WHO.

Prevent sexual dysfunctions. According to numerous studies, one in five men have impotence problems, and not just intermittently. Let’s say they are unable to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for continued sexual intercourse. In many cases, it can be remedied simply with moderate exercise and sport, since the pelvic floor should not be forgotten in the case of men either, the now mythical kegel exercises. But if we do this in combination with good walking sessions, they can be the perfect remedy to avoid having a trigger, speaking badly and soon, never again.