Bohemia Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of the Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits for its open-world adventure title, Ylands. This update marks the culmination of almost 3 years of work, during which no less than 90 features have been added based on community feedback and nearly 9,000 bugs have been fixed. This bumped the game up from its initial catalog of “Sandbox” to one “Adventurein its own right… Will this make Ylands a good enough experience to attract new players? The developers are sure yes.

Yland’s Redemption

The development team Ylands passed the last Almost 3 years change the approach and perception of the game, undo a series of mistakes made in the past. Until the end of 2020, the game seemed to be moving in a similar direction to Roblox., and this approach proved unsuccessful as the active player base began to dwindle, recent reviews on Steam dropped to almost 40%, and negative comments followed. This forced the Ylands development team to rethink the game’s goals and start working hard to mend the rifts between the game and its players. Their efforts began to pay off earlier this year, when Ylands achieved an unprecedented score of over 80% reviews. recent games on Steam, while quadrupling its active player base.

The Redemption Story Ylands started in 2020 with the release of Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration. The update focused on the game’s Exploration Mode (now called Adventure Mode) and launched the Age of Ylands Adventure.

The success of this update motivated the development team, but also presented a new set of challenges, which they overcame by paying attention to community feedback, and it is thanks to this feedback that Ylands was able to find its appropriate voice, direction and genre. . From Update 1.5developers have:

  • Released 7 new updates.
  • Added 90 new features to Adventure Mode.
  • Creation of 438 new assets.
  • Closed 4,048 pending tasks.
  • Fixed 8598 bugs.

However, the biggest update to date is the one released today.

Ylands Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits

Symbolically named 2.0, the biggest update in Ylands history marks a new era in game development while highlighting the team’s efforts to satisfy those looking for great adventures in the charming and colorful world of Ylands.

There Update 2.0 of Ylands introduces the following new features:
History: Adds the first Ylands Campaign mode.
Improved walkthrough: Better experience for the new player.
Manual: It helps players navigate the game’s features and introduces them to the history of Ylands.
Combat upgrades: More attacks and more power to make combat more challenging and fun.
Resources and crafting: New interface that helps players create literally anything.
terrain generation more diverse and varied.
New main menu and shop: Simpler, less overwhelming and easier to use.
Mobile experience: Fast game start with Google and Apple accounts, cross-platform to PC, and user experience improvements.
Multiple gameplay and content improvements: windward navigation, easier fast travel, new random encounters, etc.

There are many more improvements in the Update 2.0although the list would be too long to include here.ylands 3

Always hand in hand with the community

The development team underwent some changes during this difficult period for the game. As a result, Aleš Ulm, project manager, took over the reins of Ylands. That’s what he said about Update 2.0: “Reviews received since the 1.5 update (i.e. since 2020) are slowly but steadily improving. Our Discord community is made up of hundreds of active players and continues to grow; they are friendly and helpful, something unique in the world of video games. Over the past three years, the development team and the Ylands community have transformed the game into an almost entirely new experience, and all that hard work now comes to a head with the release of Update 2.0 for Ylands: Adventure. Awaits.

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