Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduced a bunch of new weapons and vehicles to Battle Royale, but perhaps the most useful of them all is the Nitro Drifter. This unique car allows its driver to quickly drift and dodge attacks, and whoever manages to do so quickly gains speed. Even better, the journey is also tied into a weekly challenge, so expect to earn XP soon after finding it. This is where you can locate Nitro Drifters in Fortnite.

How to get a Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

Nitro Drifters primarily spawn in the Japanese-themed biome in the lower right corner of the map and differ from the dominant cars by having multi-colored paint coatings. You can then head to Mega City, Slappy Shores, or Steamy Springs to encounter various vehicles. However, as shown below, they even sit outside of the biome, resting at Hitches and Ditches, Fallow Fuel, and Slap N’ Go gas stations.

Gamepur screenshot

Once you gain enough speed with the Nitro Drifter, you can drift with the same button you switch weapons with, which should result in a small boost. However, we recommend destroying objects while drifting, as this is part of a weekly challenge that will reward you with a nice 15,000 XP bonus. The vehicle runs on a limited amount of gasoline, so it may be best to refuel at a gas station before taking a long trip.

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Players are also likely to come across several of the Rogue Bikes in the Japanese biome, a type of vehicle that is arguably faster than the Nitro Booster. This ride also comes with some specific challenges, as the first few weeks of the season require players to earn airtime, as well as take the bike to Drift Ridge, Fallow Fuel, and the Neon Bay Bridge.


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