Fhappiness in Malaga this April 20. The Giants boys have reached the table and are positioning themselves as one of the teams that can reach the top of the table. For this they clearly surpassed FUT, the Turkish team which was one of the strongest in the league.

Icebox only had one color, and although the Split was more complicated, in the end the giants were able to win. It hasn’t been the day for Atakaptan and company, who see their second loss coming and the Giants catch up with them in the standings

Summary of Giants-FUT

After much controversy over the postponement of KOI-Fnatic, the afternoon ended in a single game. It will start at the time the day should start, around 6:00 p.m. Giants didn’t want to extend the game, and left it on two maps.

Also, the first one was fast. The cooler belonged to the people of Malaga, and they proved it. FUT took the gun trick, but that was all he could do on the attacking end that they were particularly bad at. when changing sides the result was 10-2 for the Spaniards.

On defense, the Turks did a little better, getting the first two rounds, but the Giants ended up closing without a problem, culminating the first point of the afternoon with a 13-5 showing his dominance, with an outstanding Nukkye with Killjoy.

The second map, however, was not so uneven. Split had it well controlled by FUT, and they showed it that way. Although the Giants started with six rounds on offense, They managed to close the gap and when they changed sides the Spaniards only had an 8-4 lead.

After halftime, the Giants were in double digits, securing the pistol round and the superiority. From there, FUT went strong on offense, putting Pipson’s men in trouble. So much so that the result became 12-11, but in the end, the Turks couldn’t send the game to extra time, as the giants closed 13-11.

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