In line with advances in artificial intelligence, Ubisoft wants to use the tool to generate NPC dialogues.

This is not news for anyone: in recent months, artificial intelligence has made a huge leap thanks in particular to Chat-GPT, which has allowed AI to democratize and develop in the stratosphere. Recently, Chat-GPT 4 has been able to further reinforce advancements in the field, and it’s only a matter of time before AI invades all kinds of professions. Ubisoft is part of this process, since the firm was able to announce that it was developing a tool to automatically generate dialogue.

Real AI for Ubisoft NPCs

According to Ubisoft, the AI ​​named Ubisoft Ghostwriter will generate a first draft of dialogues for NPCs. Thus, if these dialogues are essential to allow a total immersion of the player, it seems that this artificial intelligence is able to facilitate the work of the teams originally dedicated to its writing. Obviously, the idea is to allow the teams usually assigned to this task to perform less repetitive tasks.. Be careful, however, that the result is quite organic and not too “robotic”.

Ubisoft launches into AI

In fact, Ubisoft’s latest open worlds have been generally criticized for their “generic” look, and this decision does not seem to go in the direction of a deeper reflection on the creation of universes more alive and more human. But we are only at the stage of speculation, since at the moment we still have no idea of ​​the possible results that the use of this AI will allow in the context of an open world. We will have to wait, therefore, to discover how this technology will be articulated in the next productions of the publishing house.

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