April 20 of this year turned out to be a monumental day for Twitter users, as it was when Elon Musk’s plan to remove blue ticks from all accounts not following Twitter Blue was implemented. However, some famous faces like Stephen King and LeBron James kept their check marks despite claiming they hadn’t paid for Twitter Blue.

It later emerged that Musk himself paid for some famous faces’ subscriptions. However, it appears that this endorsement could be considered illegal, as noted in a recent Wired report, which claims that Twitter may violate US federal laws that prohibit false advertising or endorsement.

Some even think that this case could be taken to court. Catalina Goanta, Associate Professor of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University Law School, said: “What Musk is doing by paying for certain celebrities to keep a blue tick may be considered an unfair or deceptive practice because it creates the impression to the public – including consumers – that these particular celebrities endorse Twitter’s business models. ” Only LeBron James or William Shatner have the right to use their own personalities and public images.”

The move may also have exposed Twitter to legal action from regulators around the world, as the US, EU and UK all have rules prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices that manipulate consumers.


What do you think of Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue?

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