Try to find yourself on a seven billion pixel Skyrim map, we’ll wait

Try to find yourself on a seven billion pixel Skyrim map, we’ll wait

If you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of hours in Skyrim and wondered when your knowledge of Tamriel’s topography would finally be useless, it only took you 12 years. Because starting now, Bethesda’s iconic RPG finally has its own geo-guessing game, with Skyrim GeoGuessr a reality after all this time.

Skyrim Geoguessr gives you a random location from Bethesda’s critically acclaimed game and lets you explore your surroundings before guessing your exact location on the map. The closer your PIN is to your actual location, the better it will work.

Developed by TheEdenChild and his friend and shared on Reddit, Skyrim GeoGuessr uses over 6,000 locations across the game world and a massive 99,600 x 75,106 pixel map – that’s a whopping 7,480,557,600 pixels to navigate. the game map.

“We have a ton of features, including multiplayer, leaderboards, and different game settings,” writes TheEdenChild. “We are currently working on adding standalone Google Maps/Street View functionality so you can explore the game world at your own pace and identify and mark points of interest.”

You can even play against your friends (and soon the world) in Skyrim GeoGuessr, so you’ll be able to easily determine who has the deepest knowledge of virtual territory and who else hasn’t played Skyrim since. thousands of hours. .

That’s not all, because’s home of Skyrim GeoGuessr also has GeoGuessr games for Red Dead Redemption 2, Elden Ring, Fortnite, GTA 5 and more if you want to test your surveying skills on a variety of video games, if you want. a bit of an added challenge.

While there are many games like Skyrim, few harness Bethesda’s fantastic gaming experience quite like Skyrim GeoGuessr. There are plenty of Skyrim mods you can download to change the game, but nothing beats the challenge of trying to beat your friends, right?

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